Pets and Domestic Violence

Animal cruelty is a crime

  • Do you have a pet that you love or take care of?
  • Does the pet get mistreated or hurt by your partner?
  • Are you fearful for the safety of pets at your house?

Does your pet experience being…

  • Teased, Picked on or Scared
  • Hit, kicked, punched or thrown
  • Forced to go without food or water
  • Hit with sticks, hoses or other objects
  • Swang, picked up or thrown by his tail
  • Choked, strangled or suffocated
  • Hung or held in the air by a lead
  • Shot
  • Stabbed or jabbed
  • Sexually abused
  • Or has a pet been killed by your partner

Does your pet express odd behaviours? Does your pet show fear and distress? Is your pet denied medical attention?

Research tells us

  • Pets are a common feature in Australian households
  • The presence of pets makes them potential targets of abuse
  • Pets are often abused to intimidate or control a woman and/or children in a domestic violence relationship
  • Women delay leaving a domestic violence relationship because they are fearful of what might happen to the pet
  • Children who are exposed to pet abuse may experience fear, anxiety, depression and anger

If this matter concerns you please call the RSPCA

Headquarters: 9am- 5pm week days only 08 8231 6931
After hours: 08 8231 2120
Animal shelter: 10am- 5pm weekdays only
10am- 2pm weekends and public holidays
Dogs and general inquiries: 08 8382 0888
Cats: 08 8382 9962
Community Liaison Officer on 08 8212 6871
All reports are confidential and will be passed
on to an RSPCA Inspector to investigate.