Anyone can become a member of the Southern DVAG as long as the person agrees to subscribe to the aims and objectives as outlined in the Constitution. To ensure the SDVAG remains an active and alive group, the Action group requests annual membership. This occurs around the time of the Annual General Meeting in August. Membership fees provide the SDVAG with a yearly updated list of committed community members and organisations. The cost of becoming a member is $5 individual and $30 organisation.

The SDVAG takes on the responsibility to provide its members with an accurate record of the monthly meetings and to keep members up to date on developments in the area of Domestic Violence and Family Violence (as much as resources permit). Being a member also entitles you to have a vote in the decision making process. Becoming a member of the Southern DVAG strengthens the support of the group and illustrates the number of people who actively oppose violence in the home.

There are many Friends who support the SDVAG in its work but who, due to other commitments, can not be directly involved with the Action Group and attend meetings. The Friends of SDVAG register their name and email address to receive Newsletters and information.

The Action Group welcomes all involvement as it supports and expands the network and knowledge on issues that surround domestic violence, especially when members are able to be a distribution point of information to friends and colleagues.

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